Guide To Planning A Sweet Sixteenth

When a child is first born to the world from their mother’s womb, the parents are filled with joy and they often wait longingly for them to reach milestones such as their first steps, first day of school, first day of college and many more. Parents often long to celebrate these milestones that mark special days in their children’s lives. For some parents even major birthdays such as sixteenth birthdays are also considered a big deal so they like to host big celebrations to celebrate such events.

However, planning a party regardless of whether it’s a dinner party or a sweet sixteenth party, it is always a bit of a hassle but the tips that we have mentioned below are guaranteed to help ease your stress during the planning process as it definitely will. 

Pick a theme

Picking a theme for a party may seem a little third grade to you but this tip will definitely make the whole planning process ten thousand times easier as you will know exactly what to order and where to order them from.

However, the one downside to picking a theme is that you will have to incorporate hints of the theme in everything from the food to the décor. It is highly advisable to stay off a very rare theme when going for a themed birthday party because it will only because you trouble and have you browsing through fantastic sites online at two in the morning.

Extra details

If you’re hoping to absolutely spoil your son or daughter with a party of this caliber, you should also give the idea of adding a few extra details such as a extravagance car rental to a makeup artist a second thought. Special additions such as luxury car rentals Brisbane can be easily achieved by a quick phone call to your corporate car transfers services and a makeup artist can be easily found online.

Create the food on your own

If you’re a supermom who is brilliant at cooking and baking, you should definitely take over the food and beverages of the party because it is highly likely that you will save a fortune just by making the foods and snacks at home instead of placing an order at a high end baker.

Amidst all of the other chores that are required to be completed before the party, you would think it would be impossible to cook all the meals and the snacks but the truth is that through effective preparation, instances as such can be avoided.

It is also important to do a few test runs to prepare for the day so when the whole family is home on a Sunday, cook up all the meals that you hope to whip up for the party and have your family members give their opinions on the foods so you can decide on what to scratch from the list and what to add to the list.